The power of Connect within your own website or app

microConnect is an SDK that allows you to quickly integrate a responsive help screen into your website, online portal, or app

In-App Help Screen

microConnect with Action Sheet

microConnect is a help button that takes your customers to a holistic help screen within your app. It includes traditional support (FAQs, email, and phone) as well as live chat, service bots, issue status updates and deep links to the Connect app.

Private Label
Connect App

Boomtown Connect on iPhone and iPad

Connect is the mobile extension of microConnect for when 3G/LTE is needed. It also provides additional functionality such as video support, multi-provider chat rooms and visual ticket timelines. The Connect app can be private labeled to include your branding and logo. You can learn more about Connect here.

See how microConnect has a positive ROI

Embedded webConnect

webconnect in a mac

webConnect allows you to harness the power of Connect within your website or customer portal to give your customers a quick and easy way to receive real-time chat support.

A look at the numbers

How satisfied are customers with various support channels?

Live Chat
Social Media

Why do customers love live chat?

I get my questions answered immediately


Because I can multi-task


It's the most efficient communication method


Better information than if I emailed


I don't like talking on the phone


Ready to get started?

Please explore the APIs and repositories and when you are ready to speak with a Boomtown representative, reach out to us to discuss your integration objectives and we will provide you with API keys.